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Cime de la Bonette 2,802m

Northern ramp to Col de la Bonette/Restefond with following "Circuit et la Cime de la Bonette" runs from Jausiers comparatively moderate always below 10% grade and is scenically very pleasant. The loop around the summit named "Cime de la Bonette" leads to an official altitude of 2,802m. Even if the French call it "Plus haute route d'Europe", the Ötztal Glacier Road and also the Pico del Veleta are definitely higher roads. The only creatures on the whole distance: Suddenly appearing marmots and French mountain infantry alongside the road, banging with their machine guns (great high alpine resonance!).

Start: Jausiers 1,220m
Altitude difference: 1,537m
Distance to summit: 23km
May 2007

Elevation profile including return way

"Plus haute route d'Europe" - However, Pico del Veleta in the Spanish Sierra Nevada and also Ötztal Glacier Road are higher at their peaks!

Pleasant landscape, moderate grade

On pass summit the reference to the loop around Cime de la Bonette

End of May the road has not yet being cleaned up...

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