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   NEW 2018
Mangart 2,055m / October 2018

Slovenia's highest paved dead-end road is situated in the Julian Alps, provides for a 22% maximum grade and gets the road cyclist in panoramic landscape up to the Mangart Saddle at an elevation of more than 2,000 meters.

Kalin reservoir 2,550m / July 2018

A rather unknwon climb leads in Bulgarian Rila mountains up to the Kalin reservoir. A 12% average grade on porous concrete requires strength and endurance and makes this climb one of the toughest in Europe.

Abano Pass 2,863m / July 2018

An extraordinary climb leads in northern Georgia in the Great Cauacasus Range to Tusheti valley close to the border to Chechenya. This valley is only accessible during few months in summer through a very steep and long pass road.

Vršič 1,611m
October 2018

Pleasant climb with cobble stoned curves up to Slovenia's highest asphalted pass road - The ride starts in winter ski resort of Kranjska Gora and gets the road cyclist to an elevation of 1,611 meters.

Villach Alpine Road 1,732m
October 2018

Austrian Villach Alpine Road overcomes an altitude difference of more than 1,100 meters with an average grade of more than 7% - thus forming an exhausting hors categorie ride for any road cyclist.

Gergeti Trinity 2,170m
July 2018

Gergeti Trinity Church is situated in breathtaking scenery at 5,000m+ tall Kazbek mountain in the Great Caucasus Range. A steep gravel way diverts from ancient Georgian military road up to this centuries-old church.

Franz-Josef-Höhe 2,369m
May 2018

Großglockner-High-Alpine-Road provides on its southern side an impressive ascent from Heiligenblut to Franz-Josef-Höhe. Numerous friendly marmots and stunning views to the largest glacier of the Eastern Alps await the rider on top.

Kitzbüheler Horn 1,996m
May 2018

The Kitzbüheler Horn is said to be the toughest road bike climb in Austria - thus being one of the hardest asphalted rides in the Alps. A 13% average grade requires strong calves and an iron will to conquer it.

Kronplatz 2,275m
May 2018

If you want to summit South Tyrol's Kronplatz you firstly have to challenge asphalted Furkelpass and afterwards a gravel runway to the top. However, it seems very doubtful if this second part can be done with a road bike.

Manghenpass 2,042m
June 2018

Italian Trentino provides for this amazing pass road. Even the short northern ascent has more than 1,200 meters of altitude gain and an average 7% grade - forming a Hors Categorie ride.

Mortirolo, 1.852m
Juni 2018

Legendary Lombardy Mortirolopass and Kitzbüheler Horn compete for the steepest asphalted climb in the European Alps. The ride up to Mortirolo regularly forces the Giro d'Italia cyclists to maximum performance and strong efforts.


   Other road bike highlights

Großglockner High Alpine Road 2,571m
May 2018 / August 2012 / May 2007 / June 2005

Austrian Großglockner High Alpine Road is one of the most interesting and popular road bike climbs in the European Alps. No other pass road provides for more diversity and variety as the rider can select from different ascents and way options.

Ötztal Glacier Road 2,822m
August 2014 / May 2007

The road to Austrian Rettenbach- and Tiefenbach Glacier has its peak at an elevation of more than 2,800 meters thus being the highest accessible spot for road bikers in the European Alps. The ascent has an average grade of more than 10%.

Timmelsjoch 2,509m
August 2014 / August 2012 / May 2007

The Timmelsjoch ranks among the most popular asphalted pass roads in the European Alps. In summer many hundreds of amateur cyclists (and motorbike riders) challenge this climb on northern Austrian approach or southern Italian ascent.

June 2017

The popular Balearic island provides for several climbs which become hard rides when combining them: Puig Major, Coll dels Reis, Coll de Sóller, Port de Valdemossa or San Salvador are the classic road bike climbs of Majorca.

Canary Islands
March 2017

With its tremendous ascents to Roque de los Muchachos on La Palma and to Pico del Teide on Tenerife the Canary Islands have two rides each overcoming more than 2,300m of altitude gain.

   Other mountain bike highlights

Pico del Veleta 3,394m
October 2017 / September 2007

Europe's highest climb for cyclists is situated in the Spanish Sierra Nevada. While asphalted northern approach is regularly conquered by road bikers less known southern approach can be challenged on a mountain bike up to a maximum elevation of almost 3,400m.

Madritschjoch 3,123m
August 2017

Italian Madritschjoch with its more than 3,100 meters of altitude ranks among the highest passes of the Europen Alps. The way is extremely demanding and embedded in gorgeous scenery at Gran Zebru and Ortler mountain.

Col du Jandri 3,200m
August 2013

Col du Jandri is situated in the French Rhone-Alps and has its peak at an elevation of almost 3,200 meters. The unpaved runway has some very steep parts and thus becomes one of the most demanding climbing challenges in the Alps.

Ötztal peaks
August 2016 / August 2015

The Austrian Ötztal valley provides for two climbs leading to peaks of more than 3,000m elevation: Gaislachkogel and Wurmkogel can only be accessed on mountain bike with very small gear and belong to the toughest rides in the Alps.

Colle Sommeiller 3,009m
August 2012

Another demanding 3,000m+ peak is situated in Italian Susa valley. The dirt track to Colle Sommeiller is only accessible by mountain bike in summer months July and August - otherwise you might challenge snow on the runway.


   World's highest climbs

Overview of all continents
Followed-up since August 2008

Both the Asian Himalayas and the South American Andes have several climbs leading to altitudes of more than 5,000 meters. And other mountain ranges such as the North American Rocky Mountains or the European Alps also provide very challenging high-altitude rides for uphill cycling enthusiacs.

Uturuncu 5,768m
November 2013

The highest road in the world leads at Bolivian volcano Uturuncu to a maximum elevation of some 5,770 meters. If you want to conquer Uturuncu you have to overcome a sandy and rocky 10% slope. Due to its outrageous altitude this is the ultimate climb for any high-altitude cyclist - the Everest of cycling!

Khardung La 5,602m
July 2008

Contrary to many travelogues Khardung Pass in Indian Himalayas actually does not have its peak at more than 5,600m and is therefore not highest road in the world. However, the climb on the dusty dirt track to an elevation of some 5,360m is a very demanding challenge for both cyclist and equipment.



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