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Pasul Urdele 2,145m / Pasul Muntiu 2,080m

Romania's highest asphalted road

Besides more popular "Transfăgărășan" there is another even higher asphalted ascent in the Romanian Carpathians: So-called "Transalpina" passes through Urdele Pass up to 2,145m altitude being the highest road pass of the Carpathians. Northern runway from Transylvanian Siebenburgen commences above 1,300m and thus the ascent winds almost above tree line in an impressive setting. The way leads at first to Muntiu pass and afterwards through a huge mountain basin and a spectacular final turn group up to Urdele Pass.

Start: Obârșia Lutrului 1,337m
Altitude difference: 908m
Distance: 21km
July 2019

The profile shows the moderate ascent to Pasul Muntiu and behind the way to slightly higher Pasul Urdele.

Ther ride starts in the Romanian Carpathian village of Obârșia Lutrului actually being just a road junction with some accomodation flats and souvenir shops.

Here we go

Beyond tree line the view opens upwards.

We do not meet any Carpathian bears or wolves - but only these friendly locals. Unfortunately there are various less friendly stray dogs alongside the road (like in Bulgaria or Georgia). Other cyclists recommend to take pepper spray with you.

No other traffic in the early morning

View back onto the way heading to Muntiu Pass

The peak of Pasul Muntiu is not very inviting ...

...but provides for a nice view down.

Afterwards there is a short descent of some 150meters into a huge mountain basin.

Real excitement for any road cyclist

Great fun with the climb and its several switchbacks

One serpentine after another

The road winds upwards with some final turns to Pasul Urdele...

...and finally you reach this sign at Urdele pass summit claiming the highest point of Transalpina road.

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