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Colle del Nivolet 2,612m

Highlight of the Alps! Incomprehensible that this Italian pass in Nationalpark Grand Paradiso is hardly being paid any attention to in respective sources. Reason for that may be the fact that northern ramp has not been paved and is thus not rideable on a road bike. However, an altitude difference of almost 1,100m on southern ramp up to pass summit belongs to the most amazing and best in the Alps! If you want to ride even more altitude meters you may start in Noasca but then have to pass a long tunnel on a 15% grade ramp with only weak light.

Start: Ceresole 1,620m
Altitude difference: 1,110m
Distance to summit: 21km
June 2008

Elevation profile including return way

Shortly after the start in Ceresole this scenery provides a flimsy view to the passroad.

Alpine idyll at the roadside

The roadway in lower part of the pass is gorgeous and has barely motorised traffic.

Concrete dam of Lago Serru at approx. 2,300m height

In the background the reservoire lake.

Upper part of passroad ascending from Lago Agnel

Shortly before pass summit scenery provides this view to Lago Serru (in the back) and Lago Agnel (in the front)

View from summit down to northern part of the pass

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