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Alpe Schlappold (Fellhorn) 1,740m
Germany's highest mountain road

At Fellhorn Mountain nearby Oberstdorf a very narrow and steep asphalted road winds up to the Alpe Schlappold and to a station of the Fellhorn cableway. This road is only permitted to private motorized traffic but also accessible for cyclists. This street is even higher than Roßfeld-Höhenringstraße close to Berchtesgaden. The climb is called "Heavens Ladder" and provides partly an average grade of more than 18% (!). Thus this ramp becomes a very demanding challenge for any cyclist. In theory this way may be rideable with a road bike. But due to the tremendous grade only the small gears of a mountain bike seem to be appropriate. Another very demanding German mountain bike ride leads to Osterfelderkopf with its peak at more than 2,030 meters.

Departure: Oberstdorf 813m
Altitude difference: 940m
Distance: 15km
July 2013

Formidable profile starting in Oberstdorf. After some eight kilometers the climb starts at the valley station of Fellhorn cableway.

Departing from Oberstdorf the ride leads to the valley station of Fellhorn cableway. After crossing Stillach river the exhausting climb starts. On the first 500 meters the way is unpaved but then becomes an asphalted small road. Alternatively you can already cross the Stillach at the sky-flying hill in Oberstdorf and thus have an entirely paved road.

The way is asphalted and winds up very steep zig-zagging for many kilometers directly under the cableway.

The hard grade and steep curves of the ramp cause massive pain in cyclist's muscles.

The right way is the one directly up to Schlappold-Alpe.

When getting higher the road conditions stay very good but extremely steep.

After a painful climb Alpe Schlappold at an altitude of 1,710 meters leaps into view.
On the last kilometer the grade decreases to "only" 10%...

Behind the Alpe the paved runway leads to Schlappold Lake.

This is the lake.

Alpe Schlappold is located in the very back in the center of the shadow.

At Schlappold station of Fellhorn cableway at some 1,740 meters the road finally becomes too steep - end of the climb.

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