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Mont Ventoux 1,912m

Mont Ventoux - "Giant of French Provence" must not miss! Legend of Tour de France - but not more. Actually a rather boring mountain in the Provence appearing a little strange with its bleak summit. The road from Bedoin is very comfortable to ride up to Chalet Reynard. Afterwards legendary moonscape begins comprehending world-known memorial to Tom Simpson shortly before summit. The down-hill ride towards Malaucene is enjoyable: Broad roadway with only few motor traffic (in particular no motorbikes and coaches usually populating the Alps). In direction to Bedoin there is a last hill named "Madeleine" as very often in France.

Start: Bedoin 300m
Altitude difference: 1,694m
Distance to summit: 23km
May 2007

A cuddly average temperature of almost 30 degrees Celsius is gruesome at this mountain!

After some nine kilometres the forest thins out and provides first view to the summit.

Looks like the big sand dune on German North Sea island Sylt, but is actually a stone desert.

Altar of cycling...(however, bananas and applejuice work as well!)

Pass summit

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