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Lowther Hill 724m

Scotland's highest climb is not situated in the Highlands but in most southern Council Area of Dumfries & Galloway. The way leads to a radar station at an altitude of more than 700m whilst Highland's highest climb only leads to 670m at Cairnwell Pass.

Departure: Abington 246m
Alitude difference: 535m
Distance: 16km
June 2019

Exhausting final two kilometers

Northeastern approach starts in Abington and winds on its initial 12 kilometers through the villages of Leadhills and Wanlockhead.

Delightful conditions for road cyclists on plain asphalted roads

The radar station on top of Lowther Hill becomes visible in the very left back.

Wanlockhead prides itself being Scotland's highest village.

This private road leads to the radar station. The way is barred but actually accessible by bicycle.

The ascent provides for nice views...

...down to Scottish Lowlands.

The climb becomes very steep in its final part...

...and demanding for the leisure cyclist.

Deserted area without any motorized traffic...

...and magnificent view of Scottish Lowlands area.

Scanty summit with its radar station reminds of English counterpart at Great Dun Fell.

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