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Namshang La approx. 4,800m

Namshang La is situated in Eastern part of Northern Indian Ladakh and connects Indus-Valley in the North with the high plateau of Tsomoriri, a huge lake at an altitude of 4,500m close to the border to Tibet. Actual altitude of the pass is unknown. Map data alternate from 4,800m to more than 5,000m. On pass summit one can find hundreds of Buddhistic prayer flags but no reference to the actual altitude. A barometric altimeter confirms a height of some 4,800m. Northern ramp starts at river Indus at a police station in the village Mahe at approx. 4,250m of altitude. Specified tour actually started at the spot of Sumda, led afterwards via the pass, subsequently along the salt lake Thatsang Karu to Tsomoriri Lake. Scenically this pass even beats close-by even higheer passes Khardung La and Taglang La.

Start: Sumda 4,450m
Altitude difference: 478m
Distance to summit: 11km
July 2008

Diversified profile becomes spectacular after the pass summit

Plainly paved passroad

Next to the road only high mountain desert

Pass summit

Downhill towards the salt lake

Roadway becomes an unpaved dirt road

Thatsang Karu, a salt lake...

...is located at a height of some 4,650m

Free traffic at the end of the world close to the border to Tibet

Nomadic people at the roadside with their Paschmina-goats...

...and scraggy yaks

Tents of nomadic people at the roadside on the way to Tsomoriri Lake

Tsomoriri Lake...

...can only be reached on an unpaved dirt road...

...but provides at sunset...

...a fantastic scenery.

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