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Kaunertal Glacier Road 2,750m

Outstanding scenic tour to the perpetual ice. Unfortunately, this dead-end road does not receive any special attention in respective sources. Cycling the Kaunertal Glacier road is very unrhythmical and you often have to shift the gear. After passing the Gepatsch-reservoire all switchbacks to the summit are numbered in reverse countdown. At the end of the road a hustle and bustle of winter athletes and the ability to stop off in the Weißseeferner-Restaurant. Totally unknown people showing respect for your performance compensate for your efforts.

Start: Feichten 1,287m
Altitude difference: 1,476m
Distance to summit: 28km
May 2007

Elevation profile including return way

Scenically amazing - approx. 1,000m of altitude difference below is the Gepatsch-reservoire!

Among winter athletes at the Weißsee-Glacier...

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