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Gotthardpass / Val Tremola 2,091m

14 years after my first visit (see below) a new uphill ride on the cobbled south ramp through Val Tremola. However, it can easily be climbed with racing bike tyres. The ride is accompanied by constant views of the galleries of the newer road, which takes up a considerable part of the motorised traffic, provided that it does not go through the tunnel anyway.

Start: Airolo 1,145m
Altitude difference: 951m
Distance: 14km
June 2020

Profile of southern ascent

Start at the train station in Airolo. If you arrive from the north, you can take the regional express of the SBB from Göschenen on the north side of the pass - after only 15 minutes through the tunnel you arrive in Airolo.

You follow the main road westwards, but at this point you turn up the old ramp.

A little bit confusing road jumble after a few kilometers. We keep straight on here (brown sign "Grand Tour").

The real Tremola begins after some eight kilometers.

View upwards. The hollow in the middle of the image is the pass summit.

And look back

Great fun for friends of serpentines

The 7% incline can be cycled up easily.

Parallel views to the galleries of the newer street

And finally you're already up there. First sign on pass summit

And another one
There is even a third sign at the end of the summit lake, which even indicates an elevation of more than 2,100m. Entire pass area is currently a construction site with heavy equipment and road diversions, as several wind turbines are being built here.

Following some original thoughts from the visit in 2006

Gotthardpass / Val Tremola 2,091m

Scenically the Alps are doubtless most beautiful in Switzerland! However, this passroad is only horrible! Famous southern ramp from Airolo through Val Tremola leads on cobblestones to the summit. There you come across with hundres of cars, motorbikes and coaches with annoying all-incl-tourists. In addition very noisy music from loudspeakers prevent from experiencing nature. On northern ramp you have to share the road with much motor traffic. If you additionally experience temperatures of up to 38 degrees Celsius it becomes very uncomfortable... The only positive: On northern side you can take the railway through the tunnel from Göschenen back to Airolo.

Start: Airolo 1,270m
Altitude difference: 805m
Distance to summit: 15km
July 2006

Pass summit

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