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Schlinig pass (Uina Gorge) 2,309m

The way through Uina Gorge is one of the most amazing and popular climbs for mountain bikers in the Alps. The route connects Swiss Uina Valley with Italian Schlinig Valley. The way is dangerous to life because of its is exposed rock track. Thus, all mountain bikers have to push or carry their bikes on the most hazardous parts of the route.

Departure: Sur En 1,116m
Altitude gain: 1,249m
Distance: 18km
August 2017

Unfortunately, both GPS devices do not report proper data as they lose any signal in the gorge.

Depart at the camping site in Swiss Sur En at an elevation of some 1,150m.

Written warning before entering the track

The way routes in its lower part through wooded area alongside Uina river...

...properly cyclable...

...until Uina Dadaint Alp at an altitude of 1,800m.

Behind the alp the strict obligation to push your bike

Entrance to the hazardous track

Deep brim to the right

The narrow path is partly secured by a guardrail...

...but in other parts there is only a fixed rope alongside the rock.

This part of the way overcomes some 300 meters of altitude difference.

360 degree view

Amazing view back onto the spectacular way in the rock

Not for the faint-hearted (almost like Death Road in Bolivia)

Another 360 degree view

Tricky situations when other cyclists cross halfway from above

At an elevation of some 2,150m the scenery changes...

...and the way routes through a marshy high plateau (very stony and uncomfortable to ride).

Finally, you reach the Swiss/Italian border at this ordinary fence. Schlinig pass is located only a few hundred meters on Italian side close to Sesvenna Alp.

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