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Durmitor Sedlo 1,908m

The Durmitor Saddle is considered the most popular pass in Montenegro, although its western ramp is considerably longer and more demanding than the eastern side from Žabljak described here. Nevertheless, the ascent here is from the east, as the slightly further north and even higher Štulac Sedlo had also been tackled from there a few hours earlier.

Start: Žabljak 1,456m
Altitude difference: 431m
Distance: 13km
May 2023

The ascent has only a harmless 500m of altitude difference anyway, but had to be stopped here about 100m below the top of the pass.

Start in the centre of Žabljak. The weather is somewhat better than in the morning on the ascent to Štulac Sedlo.

At the end of the village we turn right.

The Durmitor lies behind the Bobotov Kuk massif visible here.

The area around Žabljak lies on a lush green plateau at an altitude of around 1,500m.

Wonderful cycle path, although cyclists rarely pass by here.

Idyllic below the ski area. If you stop to take a photo, you will soon have several dogs at your heels. And the dogs are quite big here...

Around Žabljak, new chalets for tourists are being built everywhere on green fields in Wild West style, and the construction sites are all deserted, as if the investors here have run out of money.

The path seems to be the right one.

What at first seems less than spectacular...

...turns around the next bend.

Great landscape, unfortunately under a deep cloud cover

The path climbs beautifully with a very moderate gradient...

...until masses of snow pile up at an altitude of 1,800m.

Unfortunately, the snow narrows the pass road considerably. Nobody clears the road, but there is no sign that it is impassable. Several cars and motorbikes have to turn around without having achieved anything.

View back

And about one kilometre before the top of the pass it becomes too tricky for me. I call it a day.

Two days later, on the coast of Montenegro, in the pouring rain in the Bay of Kotor, I make a final climb up to Krstac.

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