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Juvasshytta 1,851m
Norway's highest mountain road

In Norway's Jotunheimen National Park, Northern Europe's highest mountain road leads to the Galdhoppigen summer ski area and the Juvasshytta located there. The road is mostly above the tree line in the so-called Scandinavian fells.

Start: Galdbygde 573m
Altitude difference: 1,277m
Distance: 13km
June 2022

The trail has an average gradient of 10% and is athletically demanding.

Start in the village of Galdbygde at this turn-off

Unfortunately quite dark clouds in the sky today, but it is supposed to stay dry. Let's hope so.

After a strenuous first 400 metres in altitude, we reach "Raubergstulen" with some accommodation and tourist attractions.

This is also the start of the toll section of the road. Of course, cyclists are allowed to pass through.

Behind it, there is a long group of three hairpin bends to negotiate.

Great view down to Raubergstulen

It gets cold and barren with very little traffic today.

Surprisingly little snow up here (after the opposite experience only one day before at the lower Dalsnibba).

A lonely climb up the mountain. Not a soul up here, but dark clouds that want to swallow you up.

Looking back at the climb, reminiscent of North America's Mt. Evans.

Fortunately, it's largely windless today and the thick clouds don't let any scorching sun through, of course. This actually makes the conditions quite pleasant with temperatures below 10 degrees.

In the clouds, one then stands somewhat abruptly on a car park with the Juvasshytta at an altitude of over 1,800m.

Right next to it is Lake Juvatnet. The asphalt road continues a little further along the lake to the ski area.

Suddenly there are also quite a few cars on the spot with mainly Swedish number plates. At the hut in the back there is a webcam with a view of this car park and the ski area.

Then, right at the ski area, we stand next to several snowboarders and exchange uncomprehending looks for each other...

One day later, we take Sweden's highest road to Flatruet.

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