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Fichtelberg 1.215m & Klinovec 1.244m
Erz Mountains highest peaks

In the Erz Mountains German Fichtelberg and neighboring Czech Klionvec are situated close to each other, the latter being the highest peak in the Erz mountain range. Thus, both summits can be combined in one short road cycling trip.

Departure: Oberwiesenthal 869m
Altitude difference total distance: 646m
Total distance: 22km
May 2014

Departing from Oberwiesenthal the way leads directly up to Fichtelberg and on the return way the cyclist can divert to Klinovec mountain.

Early May no traffic on the parking site in the center of Oberwiesenthal.
In the back the summit of Fichtelberg with the cable car aisle leading to the peak.

The road B95 leads to the Czech border. At the very left the tower on top of Klinovec becomes visible.

Just before crossing the border the way diverts to the right in direction Fichtelberg.
Nice view on the last meters to the summit.

Fichtelberg summit

After a short descent ride the way proceeds to the Czech Republic.

Very pleasant road conditions

And finally the Klinovec summit is reached...

Klionovec is a winter sports mountain and thus does not look very inviting in spring-time.

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