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Furkapass 2,436m

The James-Bond-Pass: Somewhere here on the eastern ramp our heroe gets shot from a higher serpentine ("Goldfinger"). A really exciting pass: Behind the pass summit you have an amazing view to opposite Grimselpass and Rhone Glacier. At Hotel Belvedere you should rest for a while and take a short walk into the Glacier (fee of 5 Swiss Franc) - terrific! On the other side of the pass the motorail from Oberwald takes also cyclists along through the tunnel to Realp. The Furkapass is also part of Silver-route of cycling marathon Alpenbrevet.

Start: Andermatt 1,440m
Altitude difference: 950m
Distance to sumit: 23km
July 2006

Pass summit

Within the glacier

Amazing view backwards to western ramp of Furkapass

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