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Coll dels Reis (Sa Calobra) 682m

The awesome ascent from ancient fishing village Sa Calobra up to Coll dels Reis is one of the most popular rides for any road biker on Majorca. Unfortunately, you have to descent the dead-end road to get to the start at sealevel. However, this can be avoided by taking a ship from Port de Soller that gets you and your bike to Sa Calobra.

Departure: Sa Calobra 32m
Altitude gain: 650m
Distance: 10km
June 2017

The profile reports an average grade of 7%.

Actually, Sa Calobra is only a very small jetty spot for little boats behind the Tramuntana range in northwestern part of Majorca.

Scenery bay


Shady parts in the very early morning

A rocky breakthrough...

...with a view down to the bay.

First pleasant curves...

...and further switchbacks of the amazing road.

The way winds on ten kilometers to the top.

Joyful ride for any road biker

However, you should start very early as many tourist busses jam the road from 9am. Currently, there is a discussion with good cause to close this road for motorized traffic.

Amazing road with several curves and switchbacks

Lonesime rider struggeling with the road

One of the most popular photospots of Majorca: The 270 degree turn right before pass summit

Coll dels Reis pass summit with an elevation of 682m reported on the sign.

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