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Ørnevegen 623m

The Norwegian Ørnevegen is somewhat overshadowed by the neighbouring Trollstigen, but it doesn't need to hide behind it with its key data. Like its famous neighbour, the "Eagle Road" has eleven tight hairpin bends over a short distance with a gradient of about 9% and offers fantastic views down to the Geirangerfjord World Heritage Site.

Start: Geiranger 36m
Altitude difference: 618m
Distance: 8km
June 2022

The profile is short, but the middle section is quite challenging.

From the opposite viewing platform, Flydalsjuvet, you can clearly see the Ørnevegen on the right edge of the fjord.

Let's go at the end of Geiranger.

View down the fjord

The weather is not so good today, but with the short way no problem.

View back

The hairpin bends are not numbered, but have Norwegian names. Here it is the "Birch Hill" switchback.

Elegantly it swings up...

...to the last bend: At the "Eagle's swing", you have the best view down towards Geiranger from a viewing platform.

Large cruise ships anchor in the Geirangerfjord almost every day. Today it is pleasantly quiet down there.

The actual top of the pass is a little further on at a car park behind the last bend.

The next day, we head up the other side of the fjord to Dalsnibba.

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