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Yding Skovhøj 173m
Møllehøj 171m / Ejer Bavnehøj 170m

Denmark's highest mountain peaks

Denmark's highest mountains are all situated in Ejer Bjerge area in Midtjylland. The supposed highest of them is Ejer Bavnehøj with an altitude of 170,35 meters above sea level. However, only 200 meters away there is an other even minimal higher peak situated on a cow paddock - Møllehøj has its peak at 170,86m! And five more kilometers to the west Yding Skovhøj is located with an elevation of 170,77m. Taking the Bronze Age burial plot on top of this mountain also into consideration the hill has even 172,54 meters. As cyclist you are advised to combine all three candidates in a single round trip, thus surely reaching the whatever highest peak...

Start: Gammel Rye 69m
Altitude gain total distance: 240m
Total distance: 38km
April 2015

The very bumpy profile of the round trip

Departure at the hotel in the small village of Gammel Rye

The way leads through Danish Lake-Highlands being a perfect area for road cyclists.

Largest Jutland lake is Mossø, situated north of Ejer Bjerge.

The lakeland area provides dreamlike road conditions with only very low motorized traffic.

Area is well signposted for cyclists

The summit of Yding Skovhøj is located in the wood in the left back.

Using a cyclocross bike you can detour from the asphalted road and reach the even higher spot on top of the burial plot.

The route continues through wavy terrain...

...to Ejer Bavnehøj.

This one is formally said to be the highest mountain in Denmark.

However, real uphill cycling enthusiacs know there is an even higher spot only 200 meters away next to the cowshed down there - the Møllehøj.

Møllehøj summit can be accessed with a suitable bike through a signposted path over a cow paddock.

The way continues on very light traffic streets...

...back down to Mossø Lake...

...and through pleasant cross town roads.

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