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Vaalserberg 323m
Highest mountain of The Netherlands

Netherland's highest European mountain is situated in the very south of the country directly at the border to Belgium and Germany and can easily be accessed by bicycle. Only some 40 kilometers to the south Belgium's highest peak, two times taller Botrange, is located and can thus be combined with a Vaalserberg climb.

Start: Maastricht 51m
Altitude difference: 487m
Distance: 34km
April 2015

Departure at Het Vrijthof in the ancient center of Maastricht.

Maastricht demonstrates being a very cycling friendly area and even provides a cyclists only bridge over Maas river.

The way leads alongside N278 on an asphalted cycling path to the village of Vaals. There are likely some more pleasant ways a little to the south routing through small nearby villages.

Idyllic Dutch Mountains

Despite rainy and windy weather the Vaalserberg appears in the very background.

In Vaals you should follow the sign "Dreilandenpunt".

Last kilometers lead through a forrest area with a 4%-slope...

..even with a single Alps-like curve...

...up to the Wilhelmina Tower.

This is Dreilandenpunt: Rear wheel in Germany, bottom bracket in the Netherlands and front wheel in Belgium!

However, official highest spot in the Netherlands is located some twenty meters away on Dutch only area.

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