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Salwert 11m

Highest peak on German North Sea island Föhr is Salwert hill with its tremendous 10.9 meters above sea level. Further "highlights" of the island are its dykes (7.80m asl) and 900 years old Viking walls of Lembecksburg almost reaching ten meters on top.

Start: Utersum 1m
Altitude difference: 10m
Total distance: 35km
August 2015

Today's round trip starts in the very west of the island in small village of Utersum.

Nearby Dunsum the way routes up the embankment.

Northern part of the island only serves as protective barrier and is not developed for tourism. The way leads some 18 kilometers mostly paved alongside the sea.

Several hundreds of sheep populate the embankments.

Some of them spending their leisure time at the beach...

In the very east of the island we get to main city of Wyk.

Typical German beach chairs

Scenery changes significantly in the southern part of the island.

Village of Nieblum

Salwert hill right in the center of the image

Again thatched cottages alongside the way

A short ascent leads to...

...the peak of Salwert hill.

Finally the rider gets awarded with the sunset at Utersum beach.

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