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Vrbatova Bouda / Elbe source 1,400m

The path up to Vrbatova Bouda is the highest point in the Czech Krkonoše Mountains that can be reached by road bike. Although the neighbouring Modré Sedlo is slightly higher, it is not suitable for racing bikes. After Vrbatova Bouda, the trail continues a little further to the source of the Elbe, although the last thousand metres are not paved and the bike has to be pushed.

Start: Hrabačov 423m
Altitude difference: 1,082m
Distance: 25km
August 2023

The trail becomes more and more challenging up to Vrbatova Bouda at 1,500m. Behind it, the trail drops slightly to the source of the Elbe.

We start today in a good mood in Hrabačov.

The trail climbs moderately towards Misečky.

It always runs alongside a stream...

...until the landscape thins out a little.

In Misečky cars are directed to large car parks, while cyclists are allowed to continue on the left.

From here onwards, there are only shuttle buses on the route, which take hikers up to the top.

Looking back

The path is a little bumpy in places, but generally easy to cycle on.

After around 22 kilometres of ascent, you reach Vrbatova Bouda. A number of hikers gather here for a break.

The tarmac path leads a little further on to the lower-lying Labská Bouda. On the way, a gravel path branches off to the source of the Elbe.

This is the turn-off to the source. Cycling is expressly forbidden, so push your bike.

The source of the Elbe is reached after a short walk.

As a native of Hamburg, your heart naturally leaps for joy.

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