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Nufenenpass 2,478m

Nufenen is the highest pass within Switzerland and connects Italian speaking Ticino with Valais. Eastern ramp leads on some 1,350 altitude difference up to the peak at an altitude of almost 2,500m. Unfortunately, several electrical towers obstruct the upper part of the ramp. Thus, this part becomes not very attractive. However, you get compensated by two-place uphill grades. On pass summit there is an amazing view to the mountains of Valais.

Start: Airolo 1,175m
Altitude difference: 1,347m
Distance to summit: 24km
September 2008

The profile (including return way) is characterised by the steep ramp at approx. 2,000m. Uphill grade to the summit is steadily binary.

In little village of Airolo you can choose either the way to Nufenenpass in direction West or to Gotthardpass in direction North. The latter shows its ugly modern ramp in the background.

The way uphill...

At an altitude level of approx. 1,900m you can enjoy nature to the left...

...and to the right several electrical towers which have to be passed.

Shabby electrical towers in amazing landscape...

Only from pass summit you can see several serpentines on alrady passed uphill ramp.

Small mountain lake at top of the passroad

View from pass peak in direction Valais

Top of highest Swiss pass!

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