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Modré Sedlo 1,500m

Modré Sedlo is the highest point in the Krkonoše Mountains that can be reached from the Czech side. The name "Modré Sedlo" can be found in internet descriptions and on online maps, but unfortunately not once anywhere on site. Relevant online maps also like to use old German place names for the area, which makes orientation even more complicated. In any case, I got badly lost. In addition, the upper part of the route is unpaved and not (or no longer) suitable for road bikes. Gravel bikes should be the first choice here. I only meet mountain bikers on the way.

Start: Vrchlabi / Hohenelbe 475m
Altitude difference: 1,611m (without detour some 1,100m)
Distance: 35km (without detour some 25km)
August 2023

The profile shows the detour between kilometres 10 and 20.

Today we start in Vrchlaby (formerly "Hohenelbe").

Turn right up here at the end of the village

The road climbs leisurely on a wonderful carriageway.

This junction in the village of Strážné will prove to be a critical point, but I don't realise this yet and continue left (down to the right would have been the right option).

Wonderful route

Oops, is that how it should be? Luckily I'm travelling on gravel. And on we go.

I get lost here several times. In the Krkonoše National Park, on both the Czech and Polish sides, only a few paths are expressly permitted for cyclists. Once or twice I "overlook" smaller prohibition signs, but at this point it's very clear that I'm not going any further. Nature has priority. I have to get back.

Back in Strážné I turn right down to this bridge.

But here, too, the path deteriorates significantly at some point. Not a single sign for the Modré Sedlo.

But I'm on the right track. The landscape clears a little.

Really bad bumpy track

At Vyrovka Bouda, several paths come together and it gets quite busy on the route.

Behind it, the route continues uphill on a newly constructed, well-surfaced gravel track.

The end of the ascent is then halfway up on tarmac again.

At the top of the pass, the view opens up down into the Polish lowlands and across to the Schneekoppe.

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