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Potokonkga La approx. 4,900m

Potokonkga La is situated in neighbourhood to Namshang La on the way to Tso Kar, a dried up salt lake at an altitude of some 4,600m in Zanskar/Ladakh in the Indian Himalayas. Similar to its neighbour the actual altitude of the pass is unknown. Map data alternate at some 5,000m. An altitude of approx. 4,900m seems to be reasonable. Eastern ramp of the pass starts in Puga, routes on a dirt unpaved road up to the pass summit providing hundreds of Buddhistic prayer flags. On Western ramp the road leads afterwards down to Tso Kar Lake. The runway alongside Tso Kar provides 16km nasty washboard. A fullsuspension-bike is strongly recommended if you still want to father some children...

Start: Puga 4,400m
Altitude difference: 566m
Distance to summit: 15km
July 2008

Unpaved bad road...

...through a rocky desert

Upper part of eastern ramp becomes steep and winding

Pass summit appears...

View backwards

Pass summit at an altitude of approx. 4,900m

Descent towards Tso Kar Lake

Tso Kar - the "White Lake" does not look very inviting

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