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Hahntennjoch 1,894m

If you arrive from the north and can not await a real proper passroad you must not miss this one: Austrian Hahntennjoch connects Inn valley and Lech valley and can be challenged on a broad asphalted Federal road. Hanhtennjoch overcomes more than 1,000 meters of altitude difference with a considerable gradient.

Departure: Imst 814m
Altitude gain: 1,080m
Distance: 14km
August 2017

Eastern approach from Imst reports an average grade of some 9% and even more on the final climb.

Depart in Imst

The road winds up...

...cleanly asphalted.

Usually, the road is very popular among motor cyclists. However, Monday morning the way is almost deserted :-)

The route leads up in a wide turn.

View towards pass summit


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