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Col de la Madeleine 2,000m

Col de la Madeleine is a mountain pass regularly being part of Tour de France. The southern climb from Maurienne valley overcomes an altitude gain of 1,500 meters at an average gradient of almost 8% - thus being a highest categorie pass of Tour de France.

Start: La Chambre 480m
Altitude difference: 1,521m
Distance: 19km
August 2013

Profile looks in its upper part like drawn with a ruler.

Respective flags in the streets show that Tour de France was here only few weeks before. No road bike today available, thus using a mountain bike.

Such stones alongside the road provide information about the average grade of the following kilometer.

Winding road covered by clouds.

At the small village of Longchamp at some 1,400m the scenery provides for the first time a view to the pass summit (left of image center).

View back onto the village

Road conditions are excellent and gradient stays continuously at some 7%.

Road provides pleasant views to the scenery.

And finally you are on top of the pass summit. The sign indicates an elevation of 2,000m. However, real altitude is supposed to be a little beneath.

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