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Oscheniksee 2,394m

The brutally steep trail up to the Lake Oschenik reservoir is the toughest challenge on a road bike in the Alps. Over nine kilometres, there are almost 50 narrow asphalted hairpin bends with more than 1,200 metres of altitude difference to overcome. The average gradient is 13% and the peaks between the hairpin bends are much steeper.

Start: Innerfragant 1.175m
Altitude difference: 1,219m
Distance: 9km
July 2021

The profile is "simple": about 20 evenly steep hairpin bends in the first three kilometres, then a long 18% straight and several subsequent hairpin bends with constant gradient. And finally the finish up to the top of the dam wall.

On the way from Flattach to the valley station of the Mölltal Glacier cable car, the ascent to Lake Oschenik starts here at a barrier (see also the ascent to neighbouring Hochwurtenspeicher). Those who have had a good breakfast will have a lot of fun on the coming ordeal...

The gradient is high, but very steady. Those who achieve a kind of meditative flow get up well.

Way after the first group of hairpin bends

Breakfast halfway up

Chain ratio 34/30.

It's not so bad once you've found your rhythm.

Numerous switchbacks in quick sequence swing up.

The aerial perspective shows steepness between the hairpin bends.

The hairpin bends are numbered up to 42, but there are even more bends up to the top of the dam wall. In total there are almost 50.

View back in the upper part

The dam wall comes into view.

Another great view back

Finally, you are the only road cyclist at Lake Oschenik. Some friendly e-mountain bikers also make it up here.

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