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Madritschjoch 3,123m

Italian Madritschjoch is said to be the highest snow-free pass in the Eastern Alps. And thus it belongs to the important trophys of any transalp mountain biker. Actually, the western approach from South Tyrol Sulden is demanding steep and only very few can ride this pass continuously without pushing their bike. Insider's tip for altitude enthusiasts: Shortly before pass summit at some 3,000 meters the way diverts to the mountain station of Schöntauf II cableway and the cyclist can reach there even an elevation of more than 3,200m. Recommended gear ratio: 30/50 or 24/40 or even smaller - enjoy your ride :-)

Departure: Sulden 1,960m
Altitude gain: 1,164m
Distance: 8km
August 2017

Northwestern approach to Madritschjoch overcomes 1,200 meters pf altitude difference on very short distance with an average slope of 16%. At first the way leads five kilometers to the mountain station of Sulden cableway at some 2,650m. After a short flat passage at Madritschhütte (2,800m) the way proceeds very steep to pass summit.

Today's choice is a fatbike with a 22/40 gear.

Departure in the early cool morning

The way winds up in southern direction alongside the cableway.

Way to the mountain station of Sulden cableway

Amazing view onto Schaubachhütte with Königspitze, Zebru, Ortler and giant Sulden glacier in the background

Mountain station of Sulden cableway down in the center of the image. The way now proceeds in eastern direction to Madritschhütte.

360 degree view above mountain station

The gradient declines for a few hundred meters.

This is the view from Madritschhütte. The original way leads up very steep at the left hillside. However, you can alternatively take the ski slope at the right side behind the mountain station of Madritsch cableway. This one is less steep due to its wider arch to pass summit.

360 degree view at Madritschhütte

The ski slope is very stony but still cyclable.

View down from slope to mountain station of Madritsch cableway (center of image) and Madritschhütte (in the right back)

This is the view back to Madritsch mountain station from the regular way (picture taken on the return way).

The final zigzag climb starts at some 3,000 meters. Alternatively, you can conquer the hidden way to the north to cableways Schöntauf I and Schöntauf II and reach an elevation of even more than 3,200m.

View down to the final climb seen from pass summit

Pass summit

360 degree view on pass summit

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